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Magdalene by S.R. Buckel

We all have our demons. Mary Magdalene had seven. While consulting a medium after losing her mother, Mary opens herself up to demonic powers. They enter and control her. They ruin her life. They drive her loved ones away and force her to flee. In chains (physical and mental) of bondage, Mary seeks the Nazarene, a rising figure who has been healing the sick, and casting demons out of the possessed. Following a blessed encounter with Him, where He does what no one else could, she decides to follow in His steps. In her redemption, Mary Magdalene becomes the first female apostle of the Lord Jesus. MAGDALENE, a Bible Characters Adventure, explores the uplifting truth that all who are lost can be found, all who are sunk beneath their demons can be redeemed--by the One whose love and power and authority are absolute. This redemption is freely offered, and the life that comes with it is one of great liberty!
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