Mail Order Bride – Elise’s Journey
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You never know where life will take you—and that’s what Tom and Elise are about to find out. After the tragic death of her husband, Wilson, Elise Mitchell is trapped living under the strict command of her mother-in-law. Not only does her mother-in-law hold tight sway over the money Wilson left for Elise and their young son, Bailey—but now she is fighting Elise for guardianship over her grandson as well. Elise knows she needs to escape her in-law’s clutches and longs for the freedom to take back control over her life, both for her own sake and that of her son. She stumbles across an advertisement for a lonely rancher seeking a mail-order bride, and figures that maybe this could be their chance at a fresh start. Tom Greening never needed a wife. This determined bachelor and cattle rancher from Eagle Creek was content with his life the way it was. Until his housekeeper took it upon herself to advertise for a mail-order bride without him knowing. For a moment, Tom fears that his perfect world is about to be ruined—but then Elise’s reply to the advertisement begins to change his mind. As Elise and her son find their way further and further into Tom’s heart, Tom soon realizes that he wants nothing more than to make them his family. But Tom carries a secret in his past. One that threatens to destroy his bond with Elise and their future together. With all that stands against them, will Tom and Elise find a way to hold their lives and love together? Or will they lose it all? Mail-Order Bride: Elise’s Journey is a delightful story of love and the strength it provides. With Tom’s secret haunting him and Elise’s mother-in-law unwilling to let them go, Tom and Elise must decide if what they have is worth fighting for—if they ever hope to find happiness together, at last. To immerse yourself in this charming journey of love, scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now. Two hearts are stronger than one.
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