Mail Order Bride
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Mail Order Bride by Faith Johnson

From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson..comes this wonderful Winter Mail Order Bride and Babies Story... Suddenly widowed and with an infant son, Rose Madison has taken a desperate step. She will travel west to become a mail-order bride, and hopefully secure a safe home for herself and her child. Joseph Miller is a recent widower himself, with a young son of his own. He has need of a wife to help care for the child and home, and Rose has need of a husband and a home to care for. When Rose arrives in Riverwood Valley, however, she finds things have taken a tragic change. Joseph’s newborn son has died soon after his wife, leaving him grief-stricken. However, Joseph is a good man, and though he has no need of a wife now, he and Rose are wed as agreed. The death of his son weighs heavy on Joseph’s heart, though, and his fear of loss is strong. Can Joseph ever heal from his grief and accept Rose’s son as his own? *** Click the BUY Button to Grab this great deal NOW ***
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