Mary The Mother of Jesus
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Mary The Mother of Jesus by Ana Mendez Ferrell


In this insightful book you’ll meet Mary, the Mother of Jesus. You’ll learn about her background and thoughts as she ponders her relationship with her Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. In honor of who she is and to bring justice on her behalf, this book reveals her life and true character.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus in the Bible always…

•Points people away from her to Jesus and His teachings

•Humbles herself and seeks none of the glory •Provides a genuine message of who she is and how we are to honor her.

Apparitions Misleading Millions Many well-known apparitions fraudulently use the name of Mary. They twist who she is and the thoughts of her heart. We know that God uses angels to bring messages, but we must also learn that… not everything that shines is true, is from heaven or comes from God! Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell writes a compelling book that…

•Guides you to the truth about Mary

•Gives you the tools of discernment and wisdom

•Delivers understanding to weigh apparitions •Helps you recognize the message behind the apparitions.

This book is essential for those who love God and seek His ways and blessing for Catholics and all Christian denominations.

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