Mended Hearts Box Set
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Mended Hearts Box Set by Patricia Lee

An Anchor on Her Heart McKenna Nichols, a young wife abandoned by a workaholic husband, is left alone to raise their autistic child. She promised to love Dane until death parted them but when circumstances drive a wedge into their marriage and Dane chooses to escape what life has dealt them, McKenna struggles to stay strong. Can she stay faithful when tempted by the friendship of an unlikely stranger? Rudy Taylor, who senses McKenna’s loneliness and understands the difficulty of raising her daughter, wrestles with his own desires, fighting to keep his concern for the young woman biblical. Will McKenna’s faith in God and Rudy’s commitment to his Lord be enough to keep the relationship pure until Dane one day returns? Love’s Autumn Harvest All Eily McKintrick needed was an onion. Across the fence an entire garden waits, but her brusque and unfriendly widowed neighbor Marshall Frye doesn’t want to trade for the needed vegetable. Annoyed Eily crawls through the fence to borrow the vegetable anyway, and if she’s caught, risks the wrath of the contrary man at the property line. Marshall would be happy to gift the widow with an onion if it weren’t for her choice of friends. She spends time with Hillary Shepherd, a divorcée with her sights set on him. When he finds Eily on her knees in his garden, the ensuing adventure is more trouble than either are prepared to handle. Will Eily and Marshall find love a second time? Love Calls Her Home Lissa Frye, home from the Navy, is eager to find a new job and a love interest that leads to marriage and family, but news from her sister immediately derails her plans. Marine Kurt McKintrick, plagued by images of war and grieving the loss of his best friend in Afghanistan, returns and hires on at a horse rescue ranch. Afraid associations with loved ones will cost him another close friend, he distances himself from those who can help him heal. Eleven-year-old Jayden Clarke’s life is turned upside down when the rancher who befriended him is found dead, horses neglected, dog missing. When authorities investigate, Lissa and Kurt, estranged after a former relationship, are forced to work together. Lissa must confront past images and Kurt struggles to live with his present truth. Will Jayden be the catalyst that draws Lissa and Kurt back to a happily ever after? A Kite on the Wind Left waiting at the altar, Claire Simpson has buried her past and moved on, establishing a new life as a teacher on the Oregon coast. When her former fiancé’ appears, he threatens to unravel the peaceful independence Claire has achieved. Montgomery Chandler has transferred from Seattle to NOAA headquarters in Newport, Oregon to nurture happier memories for his children after his wife died of a lingering illness. Starting over will help them all heal, but Monty is resolved not to risk love for a second time. When the handsome widower enrolls his children at the school where Claire teaches, her determination to remain objective vanishes
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