Mindful Living
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Mindful Living by MindfulDevMag


“What has happened to my life? Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Where did I go wrong?”

Your mind is a tricky thing. You can be the most intellectual person in the world, have a sharp mind and a quick tongue - but all that can change in an instance. You don’t even see it, and in a second, you find yourself in a state of terror, and your life slips out of your hands.It happens to all of us, but fear not, this is a good thing. You are not alone. There are ways out of it and others who have gone the way before you like the whole team of the MindfulDevMag. Our collective epiphany was meeting mindfulness. It changed our lives, and it can change yours if you want a change. Follow us and learn how to deal with life and making it a happy one again.

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