Minister Well: 52 Tools for Ministry Leaders
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Minister Well: 52 Tools for Ministry Leaders by Dr. Heather Jordon Clark


Ministry leaders are called to care for Christians. But while they are serving and shepherding others, ministry leaders often sacrifice their own emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual nourishment. The results can be devastating for the leader, their church, and their family.

Minister Well, Christian clinical psychologist and seminary professor Dr. Heather Jordon Clark provides 52 tools to help leaders regain and maintain their ability to thrive in ministry.

Dr. Clark stresses that leaders must:

  • care for themselves in order to care well for others
  • have healthy perspectives and behaviors to pass along
  • grow mentally and spiritually

Each chapter addresses the mind, body, and spirit, and ends with actionable challenges to you. Read one chapter a week to allow time to incorporate the message.

Start reading today and get back to being an energized, effective, and healthy leader.

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