Mocha Latte, Malice & Murder
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Mocha Latte, Malice & Murder by Sara Bourgeois

A fun and fresh cozy mystery filled with lighthearted family hijinks and a touch of sisterly sleuthing. Kari and Kasi Sweet aren’t twins, but they are as close as two sisters can be. Not only do they share a house, but they both own and run On Bitter Grounds. The little coffee house is their pride and joy, and it’s one of their small town’s most popular businesses. One night while out on an after-dinner stroll, the Sweet sisters are doing a little window shopping. Their favorite store is closed for the evening, but the lights are still on, and Kari and Kasi think their friend might let them in for a little after-hours shopping. What they find is not what they bargained for, and the sisters stumble upon the body of Lila Baldwin. Who would want one of Mills Township’s most successful businesswomen dead? Can the sisters figure out who committed the heinous crime, or will they find themselves caught in a killer’s deadly snare?
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