Mountain Wish: A Friends to Lovers Holiday Instalove

All I want for Christmas is for Luke Scott to fall in love with me.
Too bad he’s a pro baseball player. And my best friend.

To be fair, it’s my own fault that I’m in this situation.

Cooper Hills is a small town. And growing up, I was always 
that girl.

You know, the one with the over protective parents.

The one who guys think of like their little sister – and nothing more.

But this Christmas, all of that’s about to change.

I’m going to go out on a few dates and have some fun.

Sure, I’ve never had a boyfriend before, but I’ve always been a fast learner.

And I’m open to trying new things.

What’s weird though is that when I tell Luke about my plan, he doesn’t seem happy for me.

He gets possessive. And growly. 

Then he shocks me with an insane offer that makes me melt from the inside out.

And now I'm starting to think that there might really be some magic in these Christmas cookies after all...

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