Mr. Grier and the Governess (The Brazen Beauties Book 2)
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When a benevolent 'on-the-shelf' governess falls for her stern employer in this master and servant Regency romance, they both risk losing their standings in society...or worse. He’s the dutiful guardian… She’s the breath of fresh air he needs… Olivia Poole knows her time for marriage has passed, so she accepts the position of governess to Mr. Grier’s ward. However, she cannot reject the vow she once made her sister – that she would live her life to the fullest. Armed with a list they created together, she determines to honor her promise. But being a governess and an adventuress isn’t so easy. Least of all when the only man she would ever consider for her last challenge happens to be her employer. Although Grayson Grier mourns the loss of his rakish days, he is determined to do right by his ward. But when he meets Miss Poole, the prim and proper governess seeking employment, something about her begs to be challenged. Ignoring his better judgment for once, Grayson hires her on the spot – a decision destined to tempt him at every turn. For what he did not anticipate was her list, or the fact that his name would be on it. Right next to kissing… A scandalous forbidden love romance from a USA Today bestselling author
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