Murder Mystery in Melbourne
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Murder Mystery in Melbourne by Victoria Kosky

A listless widow and avid reader of crime stories, Jane Christie, falls off the roof of her Toorak home, sustaining brain damage. She believes she is a world class sleuth who has solved numerous crimes. It becomes her duty to rid the world of wickedness. When she foils a paedophile, the media dub her Miss Marple and people flock to her for help. At a neighbour’s funeral, Jane detects sure signs of the deceased’s poisoning. In the middle of the eulogies, she announces the murder to the mourners, drawing the attention of detective Dominic Petrucci. At her persistence, they stop the funeral and face the ire of the family. She insists that she will not rest until the culprit is brought to justice. This makes her the killers next target. In her befuddled mind, the bereaved widower is guilty. After all, in ninety-nine percent of her former cases, the spouse has been the culprit, so she forges ahead to prove it. The problem is that these cases exist only in her imagination. When elderly men go missing, the clues point to a spiritualist who claims to be a channel to deceased loved ones. Despite the danger, Jane determines to find out the truth. Fans of Agatha Christie, ditzy detectives and whodunnits will love this hilarious tale of a woman who finds her true purpose later in life; after a crack on the head knocks some sense into her.
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