My Beastly Boss: A Surprise Pregnancy Age Gap Romance (Forbidden Temptations)
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The world believes that I’m dating a star quarterback. 

But the truth is… I’m using that lie to hide another secret. 


That big secret has a name… 


Isaac Shepherd. 

Manager of the NFL team and one of my father’s closest friends. 

Let me just say that we tried. 

We tried really hard to ignore the fire that was brewing between us. 


Isaac is intense. 

A workaholic, and extremely accomplished. 

He’s also the master orchestrator of my fake dating life with his player, Devin.

It was all fun and games until there was a new addition to this entire mess. 

Literally… a new addition.


Isaac got me pregnant, and I want to find out how he’s going to figure our way out of this one! 

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