Natural Orders: Email Marketing Automation Strategy for Small Online Business
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With unmatched audience size, engagement, and ROI, many feel they “should be doing more” when it comes to email marketing automation. But what does this actually look like? 

Author and Consultant Matt Treacey presents Natural Orders, the most comprehensive system available for small online business owners looking to understand and implement the full potential of email. It helps you consider:

  • The most effective methods for collecting email addresses (without annoying your traffic)

  • Developing and converting new subscribers into first-time buyers

  • Advanced strategies for segmentation and personalization

  • Building on the above to increase the lifetime value of your top customers

  • Where email best fits in your marketing mix, and how it's uniquely suited to the challenges of an increasingly competitive online business environment

These essential problems of email strategy are uniquely answered by an “ecosystem approach”. You’ll learn how to develop a healthy, engaged and profitable database that mimics the spectacularly successful growth systems that surround us everyday in the natural world.

With a background combining both email marketing and Ecology, author Matt Treacey knows first-hand what it takes to build the systems, like these, designed for growth. Drawing from a track record generating millions of dollars in email revenue for businesses across the USA and UK, you too will discover the natural orders inside your email database, and how you can leverage them to take your business to its next level.

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