New Beginnings
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New Beginnings by Indiana Wake

In the rugged frontier of Montana, five noble brothers face a stark new reality. Having left behind the luxuries of Waverly Hall, the Tavistock brothers must adapt to life on their grandfather’s ranch without even a cook. James finds himself shouldering the burden of responsibility for his younger siblings while grappling with the terms of their inheritance: to secure their future, James must marry within a year. As they strive to rebuild their lives, James embarks on a quest for a bride through a local matrimonial advertisement, leading him to the beautiful and resilient Molly Carter. Molly, a woman of strength and grace, brings light and hope into James’s life. But she harbors a secret that could change everything. In a tale woven with love, loss, and new beginnings, James and Molly must navigate their pasts to build a future together. Will James and his brothers find happiness and fulfill their grandfather's wishes, or will the weight of their aristocratic past prove too great to overcome? Discover the heartwarming journey of love and resilience in New Beginnings.
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