No you cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! For People with Depression and Anxiety Beyond Mere thoughts
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Is depression real, or is it only in the mind? A true story of distress, endurance, determination, and an incredible final triumph. Evelyn S. Rodas exposes the shortcomings and misbeliefs that we run up against when trying to get a deeper understanding of depression, which often muddies the waters and prevents effective treatment, many times resulting in the loss of precious lives. The author talks about her life-long struggle with major depression and anxiety. She aims to create the awareness that the depression most people know about has almost nothing to do with the disease that very few have heard of. And she shows proven reasons why it’s impossible for certain people to simply “Snap out of it.” “No, you cannot Just Snap Out of It” seeks to shed light on the need to reshape conversations about depression, anxiety, and mental illness and explore other concepts more in tune with their real meaning. Relevant topics such as eating disorders and addictions are also mentioned.
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