Not Until Forever
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Not Until Forever by Valerie M. Bodden

She walked away from him once. But when she literally walks back into him—and promptly bursts into tears—he knows his heart is in trouble… Five years ago, Spencer offered Sophie forever. But she turned down his proposal and moved away to pursue her career. Sure, he still wishes things had turned out differently, but time and distance have eased the ache. He’s plenty content with his life managing the family cherry orchard in the small town of Hope Springs, where he never has to worry about running into her. Sophie knows returning to Hope Springs to visit her dying grandmother is a risk. For one thing, her family is a mess. And for another, Spencer lives there. But how can she let Nana go without saying goodbye? Besides, she’ll be in and out of town so fast, she’ll never even see Spencer. So much for the best laid plans. When Sophie not only runs into Spencer at the hospital but bursts into tears right there in front of him, she’s unprepared for the way he is there for her. And for the old feelings he stirs up. Feelings that make her question the decision she made five years ago. For his part, Spencer knows he should guard his heart. But the more time he spends with Sophie, the more he senses there’s something different about her now. Something that makes him think maybe God is giving them a second chance at forever…
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