One Wonders
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One Wonders by Luana Ehrlich

He’s Silas McKay, head of Discreet Corporate Security Services (DCSS) in Dallas, Texas. She’s Ashley Davenport, the daughter of DCSS’s highest-paying client. They each have personal issues . . . Silas is a grieving widower who has difficulty relating to women and wants to be left alone. Ashley is an independent woman who just got her PI license and wants Silas to mentor her. They each have family issues . . . Silas is trying to be both father and mother to his college-age daughter. Ashley is trying to prove she no longer needs her father. They each have spiritual issues . . . Silas is struggling to maintain his faith in God. Ashley is struggling to believe there is a God. Now, they’re working together to solve a corporate espionage case . . . As they investigate whether a research scientist is selling company secrets to an ex-con with a mysterious past, Silas realizes he is as intrigued by Ashley’s vivacious personality as he is by the case itself. Suddenly, when their complicated investigation takes an unexpected turn, his concern for Ashley’s safety threatens to overcome his good judgment. One wonders . . . Can two people of the opposite sex with different personalities be attracted to each other? Will their differences be an obstacle or a blessing? One wonders . . . Can a research scientist and an ex-con be engaged in criminal activity together? Will Silas be able to uncover the truth before it’s too late and someone gets hurt? Discover the answers in this inspiring suspenseful read from USA Today bestselling author, Luana Ehrlich. This novella kicks off her new Silas McKay Suspense Series, a character-driven, emotion-packed series featuring Silas McKay, a corporate security investigator who’s not afraid to take risks, but who’s a little skittish about making changes. Purchase this intriguing mystery/suspense today!
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