Playing Loose: A Small Town Friends-to-Lovers Romance (The Playboys of Sin Valley Book 5)
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I'm a grumpy single dad with a demanding football career.

The last thing I should be doing is falling for the sunshine-y school teacher down the road...

When I moved to Sin Valley, I didn't come empty-handed.

I came with a demanding football career, an energetic little boy and the baggage of a recent divorce.

Romance was the last thing on my radar.

At least until I met the gorgeous first-grade teacher who lives a few houses down my street.

Katrina is the kind of woman no red-blooded man can ignore.

Always walking around with a warm smile, the sweetest words and a plate of fresh-baked treats.

I can't help but want to be near her.

'Just friends' is just fine in the light of day.

But when the street lights come on, I want...more.

I want her lips. I want her curves. I want her on her knees, saying my name.

I'm trying to be responsible. But Katrina says we both need to let loose, live a little. And she's got a detailed plan to show me how.

As friends, of course.

Just friends.

That's the story we're sticking with.

Because I'm still putting my life back together.

And having my son's teacher doing the walk of shame from my house at the crack of dawn? Well, that's no way to make a good impression around the neighborhood!

But the more I hang out with Katrina, the more I start smiling again. And the more it becomes blindingly clear--we're playing loose with the definition of 'just friends'.

Innocent glances lead to not-so-innocent touches. Dirty jokes lead to tangled sheets and clothing scattered on the bedroom floor.

I have an itemized list of reasons why we should just keep it friendly. But screw it--the friend zone isn't working for me.

Now, I'm playing for keeps.

Playing Loose is a steamy, laugh-out-loud, friends-to-lovers small town romance. It is set in small town Iowa and is the conclusion to the Playboys of Sin Valley series.

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