Power Prophecy

Power Prophecy by Naim Collins


Are you in need of a miracle? Do you want to operate in the miraculous to see others healed, delivered, and transformed? If so, then this is the book for you!

There are key elements of the prophetic that create a supernatural environment in which miracles become normal. But many believers do not realize the vital connection between these gifts of the Holy Spirit. In Power Prophecy, Naim Collins uses Old and New Testament examples, as well as firsthand experiences, to show that the prophetic and miracles go hand-in-hand.

In Power Prophecy you will:

Discover the miraculous dimensions of the prophetic.

Explore the connection between prophecy and miracles through Biblical history.

Be activated in the prophetic to release signs and wonders.

Create atmospheres and environments for the miraculous to occur.

Discover prophetic prayers that open heavenly doors for deliverance.

Supernatural ministry and prophetic declaration are gifts available to every believer, including you! It's time to cast aside doubt and fear, and begin to prophetically release God's miraculous glory into the world around you!

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