Pregnant with the Wrong Man (Daddy Knows Best Book 6)
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It was a ruse… not love. 

So why do I feel heartbroken over the man who is out to destroy my father?

I was asked to use Theo. 

The head of the top security firm in Las Vegas. 

He was after my father and I would do anything to protect my family. 

Even if that meant pretending to be in love with the enemy. 

But things took a turn for the worse when I found out I was pregnant. 

Pregnant… and in love. 

Theo didn’t know my secret. 

He didn’t know that I wasn’t the woman of his dreams. 

Instead, I was the woman that was out to get him.

But my intentions had changed. 

Circumstances had too. 

I was carrying his baby… along with a secret that could destroy us both. 

Was I ready to put my cards on the table and come clean?

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