Pride, Prejudice, & Permutations
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Pride, Prejudice & Permutations—twelve, what-if short stories inspired by the original Pride & Prejudice, with more than merely tolerable tales that give a glimpse into several of our beloved Pride and Prejudice characters. These regency romance Jane Austen variations are unique and varied: some are silly, some are serious, and there is some magic and mystery thrown in! An Attempted Compromise What if Caroline Bingley and Wickham teamed up to drug Darcy and force him into a compromise? Overhearings More to the Purpose What if Mrs. Bennet overheard the soldiers discussing her youngest daughters in the crudest of ways? No Less Brittle Than Beautiful What if Mary Bennet was pushed into Wickham's arms and they are forced to marry? Keep Your Breath to Swell Your Song What if the five Bennet sisters were famous, anonymous singers? And Then the Murders Began What if Elizabeth discovered a dead body in the Netherfield library? If Only They'd Had a Son What if Lydia had been born a boy? Same personality, only also the heir of Longbourn. Nothing But Officers in Her head What if Kitty Bennet's silliness were all a disguise to hide the fact that she was brilliant cryptographer? For I Am a Married Woman What if Lydia Bennet demanded to marry a charming Mr. Collins in order to be the first of her sisters married? In His Nightcap and Powdering Gown What if Mr. Bennet fell, bumped his head, and woke up with the personality and nerves of Mrs. Bennet? To Yield Easily What if Bingley's abandonment of Jane caused Mr. Collins to offer for her? Punish Him for Such a Speech What if Elizabeth, tired of disdain from Darcy and Miss Bingley, got her revenge by boldly flirting with Darcy one night at Netherfield? And Then the Dragons Came What if Darcy's encounter with Elizabeth set off a cosmic change of events that revived the ancient dragons of Briton? Pride, Prejudice & Permutations is a collection of twelve Pride and Prejudice variations that total to over 105,000 words. There is no trigger warning, but if you don't like a certain story, just skip it and move onto the next.
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