Princess of the Mafia
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Princess of the Mafia by Madison Getchell

Her father had a plan for her life. God had another. Lily De Luca is just like every other freshly graduated college student looking for her place in the world and trying to find a job. That is, if her father doesn't have his way by making her join his business—which isn't exactly legitimate. Her family just so happens to be in the Mafia and run a powerful organization in New York City. And even though Lily isn't keen on joining the business, her dad isn't very good at taking no for an answer. And then, she meets and falls for Alex. He's a handsome and sweet, true-blue gentleman with just one, little quirk: He works for the FBI. Hiding her true identity from him, Lily begins a juggling act of working for her father while attempting to make her relationship with Alex work. But life seems to have a way of complicating everything…
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