Prodigals Once
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Prodigals Once by Joanna Alonzo

One play. Four women. One Almighty God. A surprise pregnancy and the loss of her company forces Serene Stone home. When a smear campaign against her adds to the pressure, her marriage is put to the test. Jenna Owens is a failure as a pastor’s wife, she’s sure of it. When everyone she depends on crumbles around her, who then can she run to for assurance? When unexpected violence threatens her husband’s life, Nova Grant tries to keep a brave face, but her faith is shaken, and she’s not sure how long it will stand. Rachel Petersen has dreamed of marriage all her life, but caught in the midst of her fiancé, a church split, a mother who is breaking down, and the challenges everyone is going through, is it bad to enjoy planning her own wedding? Four women in different stages of their lives come together to produce a play seeking to bring peace where it can’t be found. In the process, they come to the full realization of God’s grace in their lives as they realize: they are no longer prodigals. They were prodigals once. Never again.
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