Protecting What’s Mine (Playing with Trouble)
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When a former military, MMA fighter, and a hot alpha male saves you from a purse thief... there’s only one thing you can do. 


Fall in love. 


Zane made my heart race... and stop at the same time. 

It could be his charm or his intriguing character. 

I was too taken by him to care what drew me to him. 

But one thing was for sure... 

I had to stop myself from falling deeper. 


Zane “Mad Dog” Maddox might have been a stranger. 

But we had shared history. 

His dad was trying to take down my stepdad. 

Love had the potential to turn ugly... 

Really, really ugly. 


And then a beautiful thing happened. 

I got pregnant. 

A secret that I couldn’t share with the man I loved. 

Until... it was time for him to save me, and his future child.

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