Pursuing Pretenses
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Pursuing Pretenses by Madison Getchell

Kylie Nichols and her father are police officers in Portland, Maine, and when her father is killed on duty, she becomes a part of the investigation to find the killer. But when it's found to be connected to a very powerful, yet elusive, crime boss who goes by the name of Odin, the investigation is put into the hands of the Boston Division FBI. Unwilling to let it go, Kylie requests to continue to be a part of their investigation, but in order to keep her out of their way, they assign her to be a handler for a difficult, yet charming, undercover informant named Terrin, who has made a name for himself in Odin's underworld as a car hacker. Together, they team up to find Odin and end up finding maybe a little more than they bargained for.
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