Rescued by My Grumpy Protector
I never expected my heart to be racing over some grumpy bartender from my hometown. Returning home for my sister's wedding was supposed to be simple. Matt who I have only recently just met is already finding ways to annoy the hell out of me. Stuck together as maid of honor and best man, we’re forced to get to know each other. Between wedding chaos and a wild night out my emotions have me thinking of a lost love. I’m still grieving my late husband and everywhere I turn reminds me of him. I am torn between guilt and moving on and Matt’s presence is now challenging my heart. Thoughts of him start to consume my mind. Making it impossible to ignore the growing attraction between us. His protective demeanor stirs something deep within me. I’m tempted to let go of my grief and take a chance on something new, this man standing right in front of me.
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