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RETURN TO ME, COWBOY by Debra Clopton

Wives Wanted: For all the lonesome cowboys of Mule Hollow! Former Texas Ranger Zane Cantrell is looking for a woman. Not just any woman-he's searching for the woman he failed years ago when he'd been protecting her in the witness protection program. And now he's tracked her to the tiny town of Mule Hollow...the last thing he's expecting is to learn is she has a son...his son. Prickly pear jelly maker Rose Vincent has finally found a home she and Max, her fourteen-year-old son can feel safe in. A place she can start over and leave her past behind...but then part of her past walks through the door and literally knocks her off her feet.Their past tore them can it reunite them and the love they denied all those years ago or is it too late...Their son has ideas of his own and knows just the women to help. But is this one match even too big for the town's matchmakers?Note: This book was previously published as Texas Ranger Dad. AND don't miss my new release featuring MAX all grown up and falling in love in my Texas Matchmakers At It Again Series book 2 The Trouble With An Everlasting Cowboy More Books in Texas Matchmakers 1-Dream With Me, Cowboy (Book 1 FREE) 2-Be My Love, Cowboy 3-This Heart's Your, Cowboy 4-Hold Me, Cowboy 5-Be Mine, Cowboy 6-Operation: Married by Christmas 7-Cherish Me, Cowboy 8-Surprise Me, Cowboy 9-Serenade Me, Cowboy 10-Return To Me, Cowboy 11-Love Me, Cowboy 12-Ride With Me, Cowboy 13-Dance With Me, Cowboy ALSO a Texas Matchmakers special set Turner Creek 1-Treasure Me, Cowboy 2. Rescue Me, Cowboy 3. Complete Me, Cowboy 4. Sweet Talk Me, Cowboy Brides and Bachelors of Mule Hollow 1-Heart of A Cowboy 2-Trust of A Cowboy 3-True Love of A Cowboy New Horizon Ranch Mule Hollow 1. Her Texas Cowboy: Cliff 2. Rescued by Her Cowboy: Rafe 3. Protected by Her Cowboy: Chase 4. Loving Her Best Friend Cowboy: Ty 5. Family For A Cowboy: Dalton 6. The Mission of Her Cowboy: Treb 7. Maddie's Secret Baby: short story 8. This Cowgirl Loves This Cowboy: Austin Sweet Clean and Wholesome and Christian stories full of laughter, love and emotion.
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