Ridiculous Faith

Ridiculous Faith by Shundrawn Thomas

Ridiculous Faith Truly I say to you, I have no found such great faith with anyone in Israel (Matthew 8:10) Not here is a book that will change everything! You are about to experience so many answered prayers that your friends will insist you have ridiculous faith! Ridiculous Faith moves the search for faith beyond clich├ęs and formulas we all have heard a thousand times to a kind of faith that will help you overcome any problem and launch you into the destiny God has for you. Writing from the perspective of a fellow traveler on the journey to greater faith, the author relates his personal experience of one who has had to learn this ridiculous faith for himself. Ridiculous Faith gives you: Tools to dig deeper into Scripture. Framework to build and strengthen your faith. Foundation on which to heighten your relationship with God. Keys to experience the abundant life that your heavenly Father has for you. The author's exposition of Scripture is woven together with personal anecdotes and insights, making it ideal for individual reflection or for use in book clubs or a classroom setting.
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