Room for the Basics
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Room for the Basics by Quint Ellis

He's a jaded Australian newcomer with a cynical outlook on love. She's a dedicated dreamer harboring a reluctant crush. When he extends an offer that seems too good to be true, can she keep her wits about her and her heart intact? Brenee's heart has a weakness – it belongs to a man who's not just a critic but a thief too. A serendipitous meeting unveils her long-time crush, Noa Fuimaono, as the mysterious new neighbor who not only snatched her dream home but is also the reason she's burning the midnight oil. When circumstances nudge them under the same roof as temporary roommates, Brenee resolves to shield her heart from Noa's frustratingly platonic charms. Noa, fresh from Australia to the United States, finds solace in the town of Fated, where he encounters a familiar face - Brenee. Their burgeoning friendship ignites a friendly rivalry, and unexpectedly challenges Noa's cynical stance on "Happily Ever Afters." From the aisles of their local store to the grounds of their workplace, their journey unfolds amidst misunderstandings and mixed signals, putting these almost-strangers on an unexpected collision course with love. Can they bridge the gap between them and discover a common ground that leads to a love story they never saw coming? Main Tropes Small Town Neighbors / Roommates Forced Proximity Workplace Rivalry Romance Unrequited Love Sworn off relationships She falls first. He falls harder. *********************************************** A Clean, Sweet Romance with a dash of heat, grit and intrigue. Each book in the Fated Beginnings series is written to be readable as a standalone. This is a love story featuring a Fairytale Adaptation Slow Burn Romance, Small Town dynamics, a Guaranteed HEA and multi-racial couple (black woman Pacific Islander man). Includes discussions of faith by main characters who are Christian or are struggling with faith in Christ. Please Read: There are no sex scenes. This story is a bit spicier than general Clean & Wholesome. Content references purposeful instances of strong language.
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