Safe In His Arms
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Safe In His Arms by Melanie D. Snitker

She's determined to escape her past. He's looking to build a future . . . with her. Will she open her heart and let him help, or keep on running alone? Anna Henderson is guilty of one thing: trusting the wrong man. Now she’s running for her life from an ex-boyfriend who will stop at nothing to find her. The little town of Quintin, Texas seems like the perfect place to lay low, and its quaint little diner may just give her the new start she’s looking for. The more she gets to know the diner’s handsome owner, the more of a connection she feels with him. But she can’t put her heart—or his safety—at risk. Joel Ash knows all about second chances. After all, he pulled himself out of his rough past and became a successful restaurant owner. So, when a nervous woman walks into his diner looking for a job, he can’t say no—even though he’s convinced she’s hiding something. He soon finds himself falling for the beautiful stranger, and he thinks he may have a real chance at winning her heart. But when Anna’s past catches up with her, both their lives are thrown into turmoil. His only thought is to protect Anna, and their possible future together, at any cost. An inspirational Christian novel about faith, new beginnings, and overcoming fear with love. ~*~ Love Unexpected is a complete three-book series focusing on life after foster care, friendship, second chances, and finding a love worth waiting for. Safe In His Arms (Book 1): Anna is determined to escape her past. Joel is looking to build a future...with her. Will she open her heart and let him help, or keep on running alone? Someone to Trust (Book 2): Brooke wants to give Chess her heart. He wants to give her the best chance at a happy life. They're headed separate ways...until faith steps in. Starting Anew (Book 3): Nathan is afraid to trust. Lynn has a secret that could change everything between them. Will they let go of their fear, or allow it to rob them of their chance at happiness?
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