Saving Taylor
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Saving Taylor by Lynn Landes

In the heart of Nevada's unforgiving terrain, Taylor Allen, a woman haunted by her past, finds herself thrust into a perilous game of survival. Witness to a brutal double murder, she flees, seeking refuge on the first train out of town. Her journey, however, is far from an escape, as she's pursued by a relentless killer across the rugged expanse of the Western frontier. Meanwhile, John Fielding Jr., returning from a business trip, never expected his journey home to intersect with Taylor's desperate flight. Bound by circumstance, he becomes her unexpected ally, his own demons mirrored in her plight. Together, they embark on a treacherous quest for truth, navigating the rugged terrain and shadowy corners of a train hurtling towards New York. As Taylor's faith wavers under the weight of fear, she discovers a glimmer of hope in John's unwavering presence. Their bond deepens amidst the chaos, kindling a love that defies the odds. Can Taylor's faith withstand the trials ahead? Will John's determination be enough to protect her from the danger closing in? And in a world where justice is scarce and survival uncertain, can love truly conquer all?
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