Secrets and Serendipity  Thou Art My Hiding Place
It’s the year 2002 and in the heart of the American Mafia’s empire, a powerful boss’s son, Domonic Ambrosi, yearns for a bride whose purity matches his desire for a wife. Aria, a young orphan is trapped in the clutches of her exploitive aunt and uncle, working endlessly in their Calabrian situated southern Italian café. As her eighteenth birthday approaches changes suddenly take place. These would send her from the oppression she has known on a journey she could never have imagined. Caught in the cunning scheme of her guardians, Aria is thrust into the unlikely role as a proxy bride to the Mafia heir. She is soon wept away from her humble existence to the opulent City of Rome, where she will be introduced to Tina who assists her adjusting to her new circumstances. But Aria’s apprehension grows as she faces her uncertain future. She must travel from her native land to a new country and into the arms of this stranger, husband, she has never met. As she embarks on her voyage to Raleigh, North Carolina her imagination runs wild with escalating fears. From the strict confines of her past to the dazzling allure of a newfound life, Aria will discover that love and danger can walk hand in hand as Domonic shares his life with her. With each passing day, she grapples with the realization that her existence will never be the same again. Yet, amidst the shadows of deception a beacon of truth emerges, illuminating her path to follow into the unwavering love of God. In America and under the influence of her new life, Aria’s heart becomes awakened to a profound revelation. She discovers the boundless depth of Jesus’s love and sacrifice for her. By embracing this insightful truth, she finds the courage to confront her fears and welcome her destiny of marriage with a new unwavering faith.
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