Seeds: A Christian Fantasy
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Seeds: A Christian Fantasy by Rachel Starr Thomson

In the fantasy world of Kepos Gé, a young woman flees her past by joining a frontier settlement on the edge of the wilderness. But she can’t escape the threats abroad in this new world — or the wild things growing in her own heart. Something is deeply wrong in Jerusalem Valley, where the persecuted religious faction called Tremblers are trying to create a new society. As Linette Cole struggles toward acceptance and newfound faith, friends turn to enemies and enemies become friends. Soon Linette will face the greatest challenge of her life: Because words have been spoken. And words grow. SEEDS is page-turning Christian fantasy by acclaimed author Rachel Starr Thomson — a novel about a wild frontier, monsters in the shadows, and a world trying to hold onto a fragile peace even as dark forces conspire against them. Rachel’s signature spiritual parallels make SEEDS a journey that will not only keep you reading, it will also strengthen your faith. Buy it today.
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