Shattered Time (Percy Shatter Series Book 2)
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Dr. Percy Shatter has to bend time itself while trying to solve murders from nearly two decades ago – but if she isn’t careful the past she’s running from will break her...then consume her. After her last case, which involved dissolving a cult of serial killers, forensic and behavioral psychologist, Percy Shatter, is sure her next case with the FBI won’t be as complicated. It just can’t be, right? Except, as it turns out, she’s dead wrong, because this case is the most twisted mess yet. When her partner, Special Agent Riley Rankin, brings her a file with a name she recognizes, a name of someone she used to love -- Percy has her worst breakdown yet. Which is really saying something, because Percy’s an expert at falling apart. And sure enough, as they start investigating nightmares, vodka bottles, and mistakes haunt her nightly. She wishes the world would just stand still for a moment. Instead, the past violently meets the present, and it takes hit after hit at Percy. The case is too personal. It’s all way too hard. And Percy hits new lows. So even with Riley to lean on, this time Percy can’t keep from drowning in a new bottle each and every night, until she’s balancing on the precipice of both self-destruction and the answer she’s been craving for so many years, as terrifying as it is. Can Percy stay sober long enough to close the door on this piece of her traumatic past? Or will she lose her job, her partner, and her liver when she can’t hold herself or the threads of time together anymore?
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