She Knows Too Much
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She Knows Too Much by Pamela Crane

THE HIT SERIES IS BACK WITH HUMOR YOU LOVE, CHARACTERS YOU ROOT FOR, AND A MURDER MYSTERY TWISTIER THAN EVER! A lot of people want Victor Valance dead. But only one is willing to pull the trigger…and is about to do it again. Bloodson Bay has a dark history soaked in blood and revenge. When a murder is linked to three friends, it’s tough to prove their innocence when they each have a motive. Tara: the town troublemaker with a heart of gold. Ginger: the wild grandma whose fashion is stuck in 1986. Sloane: the deaf entrepreneur thrust into fame after her husband is murdered. All three women have one thing in common—a disturbing connection to the body buried on Tara’s horse ranch. Everyone in Bloodson Bay heard about the bad blood between Tara and the victim. And rumor has it Ginger’s been holding a grudge of her own. But only Sloane knows her own dark connection to him that she wishes would disappear…a secret she’s buried as deep as his body. When they stumble on a 1990s cassette tape exposing clues from the past, the trio must work together despite their strained history to catch a killer. As if! Not even the Girl Power of the Spice Girls can prove their innocence, no matter how much they wannabe free from suspicion. One of the women knows too much…and it’s only a matter of time before it gets them killed. Click now to enjoy this addictively witty murder mystery! "Guaranteed to entertain! A perfectly fun and laugh-out-loud cozy mystery for fans of Nita Prose's The Maid, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series, and The Thursday Murder Club." (Literary Lover Reviews)
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