Shoot First with a .44

Shoot First with a .44 by William Black

Hunting the men who did it. One by one. After learning the truth about his family’s killers, Deputy Lucas Butler leaves behind his East Texas home and tracks down the Bloodhoof Gang, the seven men responsible for the fateful night that tore apart his childhood. Some of the brutes have vanished from sight. But others still eke out their heartless trades. Elwood Roscoe, the engine behind the Bloodhoof reign of terror, hasn’t lost his taste for blood and theft. He’s made his living making a mockery of justice. As Lucas uncovers an ocean of pain left behind by the gang, he also finds unexpected vengeful souls including Ramona Cowley. She’s only had an encounter with a single Bloodhoof – but the aftermath is enough for her to draw her own guns. Ramona wants to clear Texas of its Bloodhoof filth. With his unlikely companion, Lucas strikes out to avenge his family once and for all. But the Bloodhoof Gang know what’s coming for them and Roscoe wants Lucas in the ground for tempting fate… With bullets weaving in the arid sky, Lucas and Ramona battle to deliver righteous doom to Roscoe and his desperados. But can they succeed where so many have already failed? Another classic western with respectful romance and women as strong frontier folk from author William Black. Note: Each book in the American Post-Civil War Westerns series is a standalone story that can be read out of order.
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