Silence in the Woods
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Silence in the Woods by J.P. Choquette

What Castle Rock does for Maine, Monsters in the Green Mountains does for Vermont. In 1917, four friends and photojournalists set out in the woods looking for answers. Why have so many hikers and hunters gone missing in the area of Shiny Creek Trail? The two couples anticipate a great adventure, one they’ll tell their kids about someday. No one imagines the evil lurking in a remote cave. A horrifying discovery leaves one person dead and two others missing. Two months later, Paul, one of the four, returns to the forest to find his wife. But will he find her before someone—or something—finds him? Silence in the Woods is the long-awaited prequel to Shadow in the Woods and delves into the frightening territory of the supernatural and the human mind. Readers of books by authors like Shirley Jackson and Jennifer McMahon will enjoy this twisty-turning, supernatural survival story set in the remote wilderness. Occult horror fans looking for an edge-of-your-seat suspense minus most of the gore will find a perfect fit with the first book in the "Monsters in the Green Mountains," series. What is real and what is folklore? Are monsters like Bigfoot still alive in the deepest areas of Vermont's Green Mountains, or just characters in stories told around the campfire? Folk legends come to life in this heart rate-accelerating suspense thriller novel by J.P. Choquette.
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