Spiritually Hacked
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Spiritually Hacked by Larry Davis

What does it mean to be spiritually hacked? How does the devil go about attempting to hack our spirituality? Have I been or am I vulnerable to getting spiritually hacked? What spiritual tools has God given us to purge or prevent us from being spiritual hack. The author is going to answer all these questions and more. The devil has been working to spiritually hack God’s children starting in the Garden of Eden, and he has continued to cause chaos. As children of God, we desire is to love God and live a meaningful life. It is this meaningful life that the devil wants to disrupt. He knows that we will seldom if ever question our love for God, but he will try to get us to question Gods love for us through our anxiety, doubt, trials, and tribulations, just to name a few. He will use every underhanded technique at his disposal. Throughout this book the author will take us on a journey of discovery and recognition. Through this discovery the author will expose the devils game plan. The devil yearns for anonymity and to work in the dark. Fortunately for us God has already illuminated the darkness to expose the devil. Spiritually hacked will help shine a light on the ways that the devil will use to make us question God’s love for us. More importantly this book will list the tools that God has given us to keep us connected to Him and remind us of His unconditional love for us!
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