Suitcase Girl
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Suitcase Girl by Ty Hutchinson

Imagine finding a suitcase with a little girl stuffed inside and realizing she looks exactly like you. Agent Abby Kane discovers an unlikely connection with a lone little girl abandoned outside FBI headquarters: They look exactly alike. Abby brings the girl home with her to learn more, thinking a family environment might jog the girl’s memory. Abby’s efforts pay off as the investigation points toward a human trafficking ring. But as Abby gets to know the girl, she begins to think the girl wasn’t kidnapped or trafficked. She was sent. Others want to prevent Abby from discovering the true nature of the girl’s purpose and are willing to do anything to silence her before she regains her memory. As Abby continues to dig, indicators suggest something else is at play, something unthinkable… and quite frankly, unexplainable. Who is Suitcase Girl? Suitcase Girl is a USA Today bestseller with half a million downloads worldwide and 1,000s of five-star reviews. A tense, disturbing thrill-ride. Meet Abby Kane She spent her early career putting sickos, psychopaths, and ruthless killers behind bars. After her husband's mysterious death, Abby moved her family to San Francisco, hoping for a fresh start and healing. What she got instead was a job with the FBI and a directive to solve their most baffling cases. What readers are saying: ★★★★★ Hutchinson has written a pulse-raising mystery that left us paralyzed. ★★★★★ Imagine a book that takes every plot twist that you thought of and ignored it in favor of another. ★★★★★ A stunner that’s worthy of Michael Crichton. ★★★★★ A perplexing start, an astonishing ending, and a puzzle still to be solved! ★★★★★ Some of the best twists I've read in a long time. ★★★★★ Just when I thought I had it, the author throws another curveball. ★★★★★ A heart-stopping, edge of your seat thriller that will keep you up late into the night reading. Suitcase Girl is book one in the Suitcase Girl trilogy and is a perfect introduction to the Abby Kane FBI series (Books 7,8,9). I love writing trilogies within the series. Don't worry about starting with Suitcase Girl. It'll sink its claws into you.
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