Sunday God Meets Monday Mom
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Sunday God Meets Monday Mom by Erin Greneaux


Do you ever feel like the God you worship on Sunday has nothing to do with your Monday life? In church, we nod our heads—vowing to be patient, forgiving, and loving to others. Then Monday morning hits like a hurricane with herding kids out the door, running errands, cooking meals, and working.

Are there verses to get corn kernels out of my child’s nose? What about getting the toddler to eat dinner? And how about that fantastic ink drawing I just found on my recliner? An internet search for verses on these topics comes back empty.

Even so, there is something about the Bible that is beautifully timeless. God isn’t an idea stuck between the pages of a book, but the Creator of the Universe, who sees, knows, and cares deeply for every detail of our lives.

Sunday God Meets Monday Mom makes connections between faith and everyday life. These five-minute devotions offer relatable stories, scripture verses, and applications to help you experience the transformation of our Sunday God in life’s little lessons that come on Monday.

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