Tea, Me and Memory
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Tea, Me and Memory by J. Traveler Pelton

Join me in the realm of poetry as I spend time remembering some of the events that shaped my world. Pour yourself a cup of tea, sit down and join me as I describe what the world was, is and ought to be. I’ll be glad of your visit. I hope you'll find this a friendly, safe place to relax and escape your world's problems. What others say about Traveler's books: "Her books are comforting, Written for our current times, and well written thoughtfully by a trained counselor." " I love Traveler's books." "I really enjoyed this book. The author is down to earth, connects well with the reader & inspires through her writings." "This author’s job experiences will tug at your heartstrings. She shows how wonderful most people can be, but also shows the terrible side of family squabbles. Mrs. Pelton was a real blessing to her clients!" "I enjoyed the short chapter format and how Pelton keeps you engaged through out the book, upon finishing I just downloaded another of her titles, give her books a try you won't be disappointed." You need a copy of this book just for you. Get your copy now.
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