Teka Legacy
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Teka Legacy by Dee Osah

She thought marrying her college sweetheart was the ultimate prize, then she met him... Phoebe Randall has waited forever to marry the love of her life. But just when she’s about to get her dream proposal, she meets Abraham Teka. After a tragic accident, Abe needs her help. And Phoebe finds herself helping him, at least that’s the plan until she starts to catch feelings for the man—and his whole family—at the worst possible time. But Abe isn't ready for something deeper. After a lifetime of being let down by people, will he ever be able to open up to another woman? Will Phoebe make the impossible choice between the man of her past or the man of her future? Or will she be forced to let go of this precious gift she’s waited for all of her life? Perfect for those who love sweet contemporary romance with no heat, Teka Legacy is a heartwarming story of love, family, and sacrifice, and how the unexpected can turn out to be exactly what you never knew you needed and couldn’t live without.
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