Ten Firemen’s Ignition
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Ten Firemen’s Ignition by Nicole Casey

They say playing with fire is dangerous, but with ten men like these, I’m ready to ignite. Back in my hometown to investigate an arson case, I never expected the sparks to fly in more ways than one. It's been years since I left, ever since my mom's unexpected death shattered my world. I swore I'd never return, until now. As I work closely with these ten smoldering firemen, their magnetic pull is hard to resist, and I'm struggling to keep my cool with every second that passes. Paolo, our fire chief, really knows how to heat things up with those smoldering glances and his rugged, commanding presence. Cohen's got that roguish charm and those deep, enticing eyes that just pull you in. Then there's Garette and Gabe, my old high school rivals, now irresistibly tempting with their muscular builds and playful, teasing grins. Matty spices up the mix with his bold flirting and cheeky winks, hinting at fun adventures. Kit and Kieran, my childhood besties, always bring a calming, deep connection that's as soothing as it is intense. Tobin keeps things intriguing with his mysterious aura, drawing me closer with every encounter. Jae, with his striking good looks and witty charm, totally steals the scene, while Angus, reliable and strong, offers a comforting embrace that's both protective and thrilling. As tension simmers into an inferno, the flames of passion threaten to devour us all. And Little did I know, I'm about to uncover a truth about my mom's death that is more shocking than anything I could have imagined. Can love conquer the darkness that surrounds us, or will we be consumed by the secrets we uncover?
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