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Tex by Liz Isaacson

He's back in town after a successful country music career. She owns a bordering farm to the family land he wants to buy...and she outbids him at the auction. Can Tex and Abigail rekindle their old flame, or will the issue of land ownership come between them? Tex Young has spent the last two decades traveling around the world with his brothers as part of Country Quad, a successful cowboy boy band. He's stepping back from the band and returning to his roots in Coral Canyon, where the Young brothers all grew up. Their father sold the family ranch several years ago when none of them wanted it, and Tex, along with his son, rolls into town the day before an auction for the land. He wants it. He talks to some of his brothers, and they decide to try to get the ranch back. Abigail Ingalls has other plans for that land, as it borders her small farm, which she's labored on with her disabled brother for the past two decades...after Tex left her in Coral Canyon so he could go live the country music star life. The land isn't taken care of, and she wants to add it to what she owns and create an oasis out of weeds. Abby and Tex both show up at the auction, and they both want that land. The sparks between them are as hot as they were twenty years ago, but Tex tells himself it's because the uppity town librarian outbid him and bought his family ranch. So he devises another plan to get the ranch back...and that includes taking his gorgeous, former girlfriend to dinner a time or two. Can Tex and Abby build a real, lasting relationship now that they're both back in Coral Canyon for good? Or will Tex's plan to get his family ranch back end up breaking both of their hearts?
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