The B&B at Tigertail Beach
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The B&B at Tigertail Beach by Jessie Kelley

Julie has been running her bed and breakfast with her brother Hans in Tigertail Beach, Florida for the past three years. Her life has been going perfectly until she lets her friend, Marie, not only talk her into going to a party, but also persuade her into wearing a rather revealing outfit. Julie realizes she has compromised her values when she looks at herself in the mirror and sees a different woman staring back at her. Her usual conservative mode of dress has always had the effect of keeping rakish types at bay. So, when she meets Marco, a lascivious playboy who won’t take no for an answer, she is completely out of her depth. But fate takes over, and she is soon well and truly in love with the man of her dreams. Jim is everything that a woman like Julie could desire and she trusts him completely. He is a young entrepreneur who has recently started his own winery, and even her brother Hans appears to approve. Unbeknown to Julie, he hasn’t been entirely honest with her about his past, but the terrible consequences of that are still very far in the future. Right now, they have everything, and it seems as though their happy ending is within their grasp. Disaster strikes in the form of Julie’s would-be ravager. Marco. He has been lying low and his festering ego has now overtaken his sanity. Driven by vengeance he hatches an evil plan, which could destroy their happiness forever… Will Julie ever manage to escape from her predator and find peace and love? Will their love survive the twist of fate that brings them to the brink of disaster? Jump right in, the waters of Marco Island are beckoning. Tag along with Jim and Julie and all the characters, tension, and dramatic twists and turns of the Hart family and their friends, starting with this thrilling prequel to the 5-book series.
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