The Colors of Eliza Gray
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The Colors of Eliza Gray by J Willis Sanders

Eighteen and deaf, confused because her family lives nothing like the people in a nearby town, Eliza Gray has no idea she is Amish. Her peers mock her deafness. Her mother makes her work while her siblings attend school. Still, she manages to find a tiny bit of happiness in life—by creating amazing art with the colors she gathers from nature. Regardless, something is missing in her life besides the ability to hear, and that something is a man who will love her like she will love him. When Eliza fights back against her tormentors, it begins a chain of events she could never imagine. One is when art collectors clamor for her work. Another is having the family she’s always wanted through sign language. When she falls in love with her teacher, she must decide between love and being shunned—and the decision could destroy both her and the man she loves. Since the subject of deafness and family ties should spur discussion, Book Club questions are included. Potential readers: This is not an inspirational Amish series. It explores how people—even Amish people—might react when faced with important life decisions about those they love. Also, since it's written to appeal to a wider audience, there are some romantic situations, not explicitly described of course, with non-Amish characters. Still, it's up to the reader if they prefer to skip those scenes. Thank you for your consideration.
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