The Debt Collector

The Debt Collector by William Bahl

An unassuming and troubled maverick, Colter Axton borrows the minds of others and fixes outstanding debts. Phalex, a nightmarish warden of The Seeker's Market, tracks down debtors to face harsh consequences at the hands of defrauded merchants. Colter opposes Phalex, racing against time to settle his client's debts before Phalex ensnares them. A particular client, Theodore Kunis, frustrates Colter as the deadline to pay an outstanding debt looms. Colter evades Phalex while grappling with personal turmoil. Meanwhile, Dalcius, a longtime friend and merchant, falls prey to the Vorn, a genocidal alien race seeking cosmic supremacy. They aim to exploit Dalcius and gain control of The Seeker's Market. Dalcius provides Colter with an essential elixir that eases his transition between minds. Colter must protect Theo and devise a plan to free Dalcius from Vorn captivity. The situation intensifies when Phalex captures Colter and Theo to bring them before Aislingva, the entity Theo defrauded. While Colter negotiates in vain for their release, the Seeker's Market comes under Vorn attack. Colter collaborates with Phalex to thwart the Vorn's assault while facing an uncertain fate and contending with a formidable adversary determined to destroy everything. As events unfold, Dalcius appears in a new form to neutralize the Vorn and bring these scourges of the galaxy to face judgment by the Multitude of Consciousness. Colter does not understand Dalcius' transformation or her cryptic message following the Vorn attack. He does, however, find himself forever changed. Gifted Superconsciousness by Dalcius, Colter finds his life getting more complicated and tragic. A brutal end for his longtime friend, Micky, leaves Colter confused. Friends dwindling, Colter must navigate his uncertain reality and prepare to face more formidable challenges.
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