The Doppelganger’s Secret: A Coastal Murder Mystery
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In the small, conservative town of Forest Glen, Oregon, the police department finds itself at the whim of a lawsuit that will shift the face of the department: “The Singleton Settlement” requires the next six recruits be from minority groups, and Quinn Summer—having returned to Oregon after testifying against her homicidal husband and surviving a fire that many thought had left her dead—finds herself as one of these six rookies. But even though the settlement requires the rookies represent minority groups, that doesn’t stop the hatred, bigotry, violence, and discrimination these recruits receive from not only the locals, but other officers as well. So, when Quinn learns that the aim of the department is to make sure they don’t make it past probation, she takes it upon herself to band them together. Will their individual strengths prove to be enough to persuade the Chief to keep the rookies on? Or will the prejudices of the masses be too persuasive? And while Quinn and the others work to prove their own merit, there are still others in Forest Glen that need their help, including a supposed murderer who calls the department often to confess her decades-old crime. The police seem certain that her tale is pure fabrication and a cry for attention—while also seeming to dismiss her due to her gender and sexual orientation—but Quinn senses there might be something more to the confessions. Can she solve the case as she also works to prove herself to the department as a whole? Or is the woman who has confessed to these crimes truly just telling stories to cover a past she regrets? The Doppelganger’s Secret is the second novel in the Quinn Summer series. Come along with Quinn as she races to put the pieces together—before a killer finds a new victim.
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