The Healing Touch of his Love
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Ginny Hill's life plan is to work hard as a seamstress until she's saved enough money to go to college. When her uncle runs away with the family fortune, she cannot believe how her life took a turn for the worst in a single day, as it looks like she's going to be stuck in Wyoming longer than she ever intended to be. The only bright spot in her predicament comes in the form of the town's new doctor, Kenton. Ginny is immediately smitten with the handsome medic and suddenly, she is not so anxious to leave town after all. When a terrible misunderstanding threatens to drive them apart, will Ginny manage to swim through the endless waves of his suspicions and be his lifesaver?

Kenton Cook comes from a family devoid of love but full of wealth. He chooses to work in the west because he wants to prove to himself that he can live independently of the privileges his parents provide him. After escaping his judgemental family, Kenton is keen on making a fresh start. He gets even more reassured of his decision when he meets Ginny and finds himself surprisingly stricken with her wit and unique beauty. To his disappointment, with a shockingly large caseload keeping him busy, the young doctor has barely any time to court Ginny, though he grabs any opportunity to talk to her. What starts as a mutual flirtation, however, becomes tense when Kenton's trust issues come to the surface. Will Kenton pass the ultimate test and trust her heart, even if all the evidence points against her?

Ginny's family will be at stake when Kenton accuses her father thoughtlessly, creating a hurtful strife between them. Will the affection that Kenton and Ginny have for each other be enough to survive the truth? Can the young couple find a way to accept their differing aspirations to build a life together?

"The Healing Touch of his Love" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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