The Lazarus Ciphers
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The Lazarus Ciphers by William Struse

John Plummer refused to abandon hope for his children, even in death. He left behind… A briefcase full of Secrets An evil his two children may not escape Seven Ciphered riddles that must be solved An inheritance that may not be attained A book that holds the Key In the darkest hour of their lives, Cadence and Timbre Plummer find an unlikely path forward in the expectation of an inheritance their father may have placed out of their reach. Their troubled pasts stalking them, the brother and sister race to break the biblical ciphers that stand between them and their legacy. As the deadline to solve the ciphers approaches, they discover a staggering truth about themselves, their father, and his seven Lazarus Ciphers. When all else failed, faith found a way.
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